Life-cycle assessment interactive comparator for heavy-duty vehicles

The Concawe GHG comparator publishes a life-cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from 5 different heavy-duty vehicle types in real-world conditions.

One could argue, what, another comparator? aren’t there already enough?

Alessandro Bartelloni, FuelsEurope Director commented “No! This online comparator has unique characteristics:

Transparent assumptions: independent data sources, peer-reviewed and thourougly documented.
14 different parameters ouit of which the user is allowed to adjust a number of parameters (7 parameters can be adjusted) as he/she deems suitable.
5 vehicles options incl. : long haul truck, urban delivery truck, city bus, inter regional coach and refuse truck (garbage collector).
5 powertrain options.
26 energy options.

For more information, please see here.