Innovative sediment management for a SUstaiNable Danube black SEa system


The SUNDANSE project aims to:

  • Analyse the environmental impact and mitigation responses to sediment disruption in the Danube river.
  • Map critical points for sedimentation, erosion and toxicity.
  • Measure sediment disruption using on-vessel prototypes and develop a sediment management framework for the Danube River basin.
  • Develop numerical prediction models of sediment transport.
  • Develop (commercially exploitable) microplastic and toxicity analysis tools.
  • Produce an action plan to upscale solutions for sediment management.
  • Foster synergies with other projects and transnational cooperation.

ESC contribution

Main contributions of European Shippers’ Council, as a project partner, will include:

  • Review of the state of the art (per partner sector).
  • Development/exploitation of an handbook for sediment management.
  • Development of an action plan for application and upscalling of sediment management solutions.
  • Sediment management model: from river basins to water bodies.
  • Use cases: definition of requirements, demonstrations.
  • Use cases: management.
  • Dissemination.
  • Project management.

Further information

More information, incl. the website, will be available soon.