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EU companies must provide a VAT number validated by VIES ( Otherwise, Belgian VAT (21%) will have to be applied.
Non-EU Companies will be charged Belgian VAT (21%) should the organisation / company be unable to provide a valid fiscal number.

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The ESC full membership is open to National Councils of shippers. The membership fee will depend on the number of members represented. The ESC Affiliated Membership is open to Corporations (corporation that represents a European Group or the European branch of an International Group) and European Associations (associations and organisations that represent the interests of shippers on a European/national or regional basis). Corporations pay a yearly fee of 2,000 EUR (w/o VAT), Associations pay a fee of 5,000 EUR (w/o VAT).

Please let us know your preferences so that we can better provide you with relevant information. You can tick several boxes of course. Note that ESC runs regular meetings on some of these topics and is constantly in contact with other stakeholders in all topics on an European / international level.
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