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ESC – European Shippers’ Council

Shippers wanted!

ESC is encouraging shippers to join European proposals to guide innovation for more effective supply chains. Indeed, the European Commission’s wish to have shippers involved in funded projects is getting more and more expressive. ‘This is the best possible guarantee for innovation to be implemented’, they say! (more…)

Impact of global alliances in maritime

The report of the International Transport Forum (ITF) assesses the impact of global alliances in container shipping. Currently, the European Commission is reviewing the Consortium Block Exemption Regulation that allows shipping lines, under certain conditions, to set this type of alliances. (more…)

Transport of goods after Brexit

ESC together with other stakeholders are concerned with the possible impact of Brexit on transport of goods between the UK and the EU. In case of no deal, vehicles travelling between the UK and Europe, regardless of where transport companies are registered, will need a permit to access both the UK and EU haulage markets. (more…)

FIATA about detention and demurrage charges

ESC encourages a continued dialogue between logistics partners to bring more clarification on detention and demurrage charges, what these concepts mean for the partners in shipping business and in what circumstances the charges apply. In this regard, ESC welcomes the Best Practices Guide for Demurrage and Detention Charges in Container Shipping published by the International Association of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA). (more…)

What shippers get with NexTrust

Several cases of collaboration in supply chain have been presented at the final NexTrust project event in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, on 25 October 2018. The project tested innovative business models to unlock more efficiency and sustainability in the supply chain.


Shippers contributing to the World Bank Study

Shippers are providing input for the World Bank Study. The study will look at how the trucking industry functions in different parts of the world, what affects business and operating decisions, and what financial, economic, and operational aspects are important to different industry players. You can read more in the following article kindly provided to us by the World Bank Group and CPCS.