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ESC – European Shippers’ Council

Governments’ climate plans

A new climate ranking shows that EU governments’ plans to cut pollution from transport, Europe’s biggest emitter, will fail to meet their own 2030 emissions targets.


French TLF is lobbying for 25.25 meters of LHV

TLF (Union des Entreprises de Transport et de Logistique de France) – Union of Transport and Logistics Companies of France – is drafting a proposal for the French government to test combinations of longer and heavier vehicles (LHV) – vehicles reaching 25.25 meters in length.


Smart Ports Sustainability Ahead

ESC together with the Global Shippers’ Alliance and Spanish Shippers’ Council – TRANSPRIME are organising a Smart Ports Sustainability Ahead event with the focus on IMO 2020, Transparency & Digitalisation on the 21 November 2019 in Barcelona.