European matchmaking platform for innovative transport and mobility tools and services

ENTRANCE is a Horizon 2020 funded ‘Coordination and support action’ which brings together 15 partners from 8 European countries. It runs over three years, started 1 January 2021 and is coordinated by the Italian company CIAOTECH.


ENTRANCE seeks to develop a common European matchmaking platform and complementary off-line services designed to mobilise financial resources to accelerate the market access and scale up of “first of a kind” sustainable transport solutions. This will assist in reducing the European CO2 emissions and pollutants caused by the transport and mobility sector.

The overall concept focus of the ENTRANCE project lies in the “supply-demand-finance” triangle that is envisaged for all transport and mobility modes and all relevant stakeholders.

Training and brokerage activities will be executed to increase the maturity of the ENTRANCE community and bridge the gap between innovative solutions and the market. In addition, to de-risk the uptake of innovative solutions, ENTRANCE will facilitate purchase aggregation through matchmaking activities and by setting up a neutral trustee for the orchestration of purchase aggregations. Access to finance will be supported through an online funding programme database and individual and personalised innovation finance advice and support will be offered. The funding advice will combine public funding, private investment opportunities, and the best mix of alternative finance models for solution providers.

ESC's contribution

Both ESC and one of its biggest members, AUTF, are involved in ENTRANCE. ESC will contribute to the definition of the matchmaking platform, links to relevant EU legislations, but also the promotion and dissemination of the platform once it is implemented and active.

AUTF will focus on providing input to the platform using its expertise from the FRET 21 and other similar programmes in France related to low emissions. It will also liaise with Freight Centre, GLEC, and ALICE to launch a pilot project in France.

ENTRANCE activities

  • ENTRANCE has held it's first Live Webinar on 22nd June 2021, see the video here.
  • The Matchmaking Platform is live! Check for more information here.
  • An Open Competition has been launched with a deadline of 30 October 2021. Here are the details.
  • #ChallengeMyCity Call for Pilots, see the details here.
  • the ENTRANCE matchmaking platform is merged with the platform by the EU RECIPROCITY project. The new platform is called ARRIVAL and is available via this link.

Further information

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