Greenpeace: Europe lost 15,000 km of rail, built 30,000 km of motorway since 1995

Greenpeace published a press release that since 1995, European countries invested on average 66% more in expanding and refurbishing roads than in railways, new research has found. The new study by the Wuppertal Institut and T3 Transportation Think Tank, commissioned by Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe, looked at the investments in road and rail infrastructure by the 27 EU countries, as well as Norway, Switzerland and the UK. 

The study shows that European countries have spent approximately €1.5 trillion on road infrastructure and only €930 billion on rail in the last three decades, encouraging people to use cars instead of sustainable public transport.

Click here for a factsheet of the study’s main findings and country data. 

More details on the study, the background of the report and further information can be found on the Greenpeace press release page.