Cargo iQ: how does quality measuring function?

Cargo iQ members developed a system of shipment planning and performance monitoring for air cargo based on common business processes and milestones. As part of that system, the Master Operating Plan (MOP) describes the standard Door-to-Door process of transporting air cargo. The MOP is the backbone of all activities of Cargo iQ and specifications our members are applying respectively following to achieve certification.

The members work together to define the processes behind the air transport of cargo to measure quality in an objective manner and continuously improve the value of airfreight for customers. Today, 60+ members worldwide including airlines, forwarders, GHAs (Ground Handling Agent), IT companies and trucking companies.

The members are jointly measuring 12 million airport-to-airport shipments annually, in addition to four million door-to-door shipments. Annual data used for analysis of processes and for quality improvements exceed 110 million lines per year.

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