Flexiwaggon: cost reductions for the value chain

By taking freight transport from the highway to the railway, the Swedish company Flexiwaggon enables significant cost reductions across the value chain while improving sustainability in the transport industry. It enables lorries, buses, cars, and containers to be transported on the same wagon. In this way it leads to the reduction of the fuel consumption, service, maintenance, and the cost of drivers.

Recently, the Flexiwaggon signed an agreement for delivery of one complete set of railway carriages with an option for one additional set to the Austrian transport company CRD GmbH. Delivery of the first train set will take place in Q3 2023.

Since the start, the Austrian transport company CRD has been looking for more sustainable and flexible freight transport solutions. The owner Christian Drosg already has a well-established logistics company that transports bulk goods by truck in Central Europe.

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