Flexibility and quality of air cargo services will attract shippers

The International Air Cargo Association announced that the first edition of the Regional event series was a success.

On the 28th of June, during the panel discussion, Denis Choumert, the Vice-President of ESC, stated that “it is very vital that shippers in the air cargo industry make their voice heard. Both the offer and the demand will be very fluctuating in the future because of the geopolitical, sanitary, and economic situation in different parts of the world. In this regard, flexibility and quality of offered air cargo services will be very important to attract and retain shippers. An example of such flexibility is the possibility for airlines to load cargo in passengers’ cabins, with or without removing the seats. This temporary authorization that has been introduced since the first months of the Covid crisis by the European Commission will be suspended by July 1st. Renewing this authorization in the future, maybe permanently, could be useful.

Digital transformation of many segments of the air cargo logistics will bring more flexibility through cooperation and visibility. The air cargo growth will be still encumbered by unreasonable measures of any kind driven more by protectionism than adaptation.

Finally, the impact of substituting sustainable fuels for fossil ones will be huge, especially in Europe. The EU regulations that will enforce this substitution and may extend the ETS perimeter to all airlines operating in Europe should be carefully graded in order not to disturb the level playing field between modes and not to handicap the EU economy.”

The TIACA Regional event series is aimed at engaging and bringing the air cargo community together to discuss issues that we are facing at a regional level. The kick-off event in Amsterdam was hosted by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and brought over 150 delegates from across the industry.

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