First ENTRANCE Live Webinar

The first webinar within the European ENTRANCE project took place live on 22nd June 2021 with the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Two experts of the EIB, Özhan Yılmaz and Juliet Dow-Madu, presented the EIB’s funding mechanisms for transport and mobility solution providers across Europe and how these can be applied for deployment projects and scaling up of innovative transport and mobility solutions.

With 190 registrations, the webinar was a great success and ENTRANCE is pleased that the topics has generated great interest. The link to the video of the recorded webinar is available here.

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Both ESC and one of its biggest members, AUTF, are involved in ENTRANCE. ESC will contribute to the definition of the matchmaking platform, links to relevant EU legislations, but also the promotion and dissemination of the platform once it is implemented and active.

AUTF will focus on providing input to the platform using its expertise from the FRET 21 and other similar programmes in France related to low emissions. It will also liaise with Freight Centre, GLEC, and ALICE to launch a pilot project in France.

Further information on ENTRANCE can be found on the project page on the ESC website here or on the ENTRANCE website.