New eTOLL road user charging system in Poland for goods and passenger transport

In June 2021, Poland introduced a new tolling system (eTOLL) for all vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass of more than 3.5 tonnes. This included goods vehicles, buses, coaches and passenger cars with a trailer. The eTOLL system will eventually replace the current viaTOLL. The deadline will not be later the 30 September 2021, but the exact date is not known yet.

There will be a transition period until the deadline during which eTOLL and viaTOLL can be used in parallel.

For more information on how to prepare for the use of the eTOLL system, please see the brochure.

Source: Association of International Road Carriers in Poland (Zrzeszenie Międzynarodowych Przewoźników Drogowych w Polsce, ZMPD)