Commission adopts new proposal on combining transport modes for more sustainable freight

7 November 2023, the EC proposal on combined transport aims to make freight transport more sustainable by improving the competitiveness of intermodal freight – the transportation of goods using two or more transport modes – vis-à-vis road-only transport. The proposal updates the current Combined Transport Directive and completes the Greening Freight Package, the bulk of which was adopted in July 2023. The package will help the freight sector do its part in the EU achieving its Green Deal goals.

During intermodal transport operations, one loading unit, such as a container, is moved via a combination of lorry, train, barge, ship or plane. Combined transport is a sort of intermodal transport combining the flexibility of road transport, which would still be used for the first/last leg of a journey to ensure that any location in the EU can be reached, with the environmental performance of rail, inland waterways or short sea shipping for the main leg of the journey.

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