Taking Zero-Emission Long-Haul Freight Transport in Europe to the next level – ZEFES

25 October 2023, the Stakeholder Group Symposium of ZEFES took place in Santa Oliva, Spain.

ZEFES is a 3,5-year project aiming to deploy 9 different long-haul truck configurations (BEV and FCEV) in various use cases covering important TEN-T corridors in Europe. The project addresses the decarbonisation of long-distance freight transport by demonstrating real-world applications with battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) across Europe.

Why it matters for ESC

ZEFES is dealing with the implementation of the Green Deal policies related to transport. It is also closely connected to the Green Freight Package. For ESC and its members, it is an interesting and innovative experiment to follow. In the framework of the project, partners are using environmentally friendly trucks for longer distances and cross-border transport. The results of such a project are encouraging and may provide shippers with new solutions. It is also relevant to see how the autonomy or charging stations for Zero emission vehicles could be fostered.

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