VITAL-5G project and ESC demonstrated the use of 5G technology in logistics and transport

31 May 2024, European Shippers’ Council in cooperation with VITAL-5G project organised a webinar providing comprehensive insights, informative materials, live demonstrations, and use cases utilising 5G technologies, as part of VITAL-5G´s achievements.

VITAL-5G: “Vertical Innovations in Transport And Logistics over 5G experimentation facilities” is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 101016567 and it is part of the 5G Public and Private Partnership (5G-PPP).

The pan-European Transport & Logistics (T&L) eco-system is considered one of the main adopters of 5G, and as such, the successful transfer of 5G-empowered services from trials/pilot stages to production depends highly on the availability of flexible and intuitive tools and APIs for design, management and orchestration of their services. In this context, VITAL-5G aims to create an open, virtualised, and flexible experimentation facility comprised of an intelligent virtual platform, with its already distributed European 5G-testbeds, and associated infrastructure to enable the testing and validation of Transport & Logistics (T&L) Network Applications in real-life conditions, utilising 5G connectivity.

During the well-attended webinar, participants had the opportunity to be updated with the tangible results and invaluable lessons emerging from the VITAL-5G project. Participants also witnessed how cutting-edge technologies and applications can really add a competitive advantage to the T&L sector by optimising operations and situational awareness of resources.

The webinar focused on the validation efforts of VITAL-5G across three strategic Transport and Logistics (T&L) experimentation areas: the Port of Antwerp, Danube River, and Athens logistics hub. These locations provide the ideal setting to showcase our platform’s capabilities. Carefully selected use cases tailored to the T&L sector, illustrated how industry leaders and SMEs are actively involved in validating 5G connectivity and virtualized services. Moreover, VITAL-5G project highlighted the pivotal role of third-party experimenters in broadening its validation scope and laying the groundwork for an expansive T&L Network Applications business ecosystem throughout Europe.

The webinar also featured a dynamic Q&A session that engaged our diverse audience, which included participants from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. This interactive segment allowed attendees to ask in-depth questions, gain tailored insights, and further explore the topics discussed. The lively exchange of ideas underscored VITAL-5G’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive community. Ultimately, VITAL-5G aims to drive innovation, form lasting partnerships, and influence industry standards, propelling the T&L sector towards sustainable growth and technological excellence.