Trucks to have smart digital tachographs installed

As of 15 June this year, trucks and buses registered in the EU for the first time must have a smart digital tachograph installed.

The tachograph is a tool installed in trucks and buses which records the activities of drivers. The tool provides real time information that may be used by transport companies and drivers to optimize the fleet management strategies and to better organise the working time.

The smart digital tachograph is different to the digital tachograph which is currently in use. Its new features will improve the enforcement of the EU rules on driving and resting times, which truck and bus drivers must respect. The new tachograph allows for the positioning of the vehicle via satellite and the transmission of information to authorities via short-range communication technology. It also has a Bluetooth connection allowing to send data to mobile phones or tablets.

Commissioner for Mobility and Transport Violeta Bulc said: “The smart digital tachograph will highly improve the social protection of drivers and will further enhance road safety in Europe. It will also be an essential tool to help enforcement authorities to fight against frauds and abuses.”