Key performance indicators in maritime supply chain

ESC discussed the implementation of Key Performance Indicators in the maritime supply chain at the Global Maritime Logistics Dialogue in Leipzig on 22 – 24 May 2019.

The event was organised by the International Transport Forum and gathered all logistics maritime stakeholders.

ESC stated that implementing Key Performance Indicators in the maritime supply chain would provide the basis for a standard language on maritime performance. But the KPIs should not be used as a weapon. ESC also proposed to include KPIs referred to shippers.

The presentations at the event included Hapag Lloyd’s new customer-oriented program to improve efficiency and the relationship with all beneficial cargo owners (BCOs); Los Angeles Port’s presentation on their top priorities that included decarbonization, customer care, and efficiency.

The attendees agreed to form a working group by summer 2019 to continue working on Key Performances Indicators and to report on the progress made at the next Global Logistics Maritime Dialogue in Brussels in November 2019.