The European Commission’s follow up on the measures for cleaner maritime transport

The European Commission has assessed the European Parliament non-legislative resolution on technical and operational measures for more efficient and cleaner maritime transport.

The resolution calls for EU funding for the decarbonisation of ports, modal shift towards short sea shipping, improvement of maritime links and deployment of innovative solutions in ports. The European Parliament also calls on the Commission to promote Motorways of the Sea in the context of the TEN-T policy. The purpose is to facilitate short sea shipping and to strengthen maritime transport as a sustainable alternative to land transport. They also call on the Commission to facilitate port cooperation (“clustering”) and to allow for ports on the comprehensive network to obtain co-funding. This also entails providing significant financial support as well as ensuring better connectivity of ports to the hinterland, especially through better connectivity to the rail network.

For the European Commission’s response to the requests and the overview of the action taken, or intended to be taken by the Commission, please see here.
Source: Dods