Environment Council: exchange of views on ‘Fit for 55’ package

6th October, 2021 the Environment Council Ministers held an exchange of views on the 5 proposals presented by the Commission under the Fit for 55 package that fall under the remit of the Environment Council. The exchange of views focused on the balance and interlinkages between the various proposals, as well as on their contribution to the EU’s increased climate ambition.

The debate was structured around two questions prepared by the Presidency:

1) In view of the fact that the five climate-related initiatives referred to above form part of the overall ‘Fit for 55’ package and are closely interlinked, do these initiatives represent a balanced policy mix that ensures the delivery of the required emissions reductions in a cost-effective manner as well as fair burden sharing between economic sectors, member states and citizens?

2) More specifically, do these initiatives, including the proposed new emissions trading system for road transport and buildings, provide the appropriate synergies and incentives for achieving the required ambition both at EU level and at national level? In this regard, how do you see individual proposals contributing to the increased ambition as enshrined in the European Climate Law?

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Source: Dods