Predictability : where is my cargo in the era of disruptions?

What do beneficiary cargo owners expect from port authorities and shipping lines? What are the data that BCOs are looking from ports authorities? What are the data collaboration initiatives from shipping lines to address the cargo owners required time of arrival? How does the new supply chain of the future look like?

Importers and exporters are looking to solve their supply chain issues. During the panel at the Smart Ports event on the 16th of November in Barcelona, Jordi Espin, ESC Strategic Relations Manager, stressed that “now service to customer is almost inexistent. Resilience means logistics is to stand and survive and now we need to cooperate and rebuild the weakened international trade lanes to make the cargo flow. This is why the Bill of Cargo Rights is so vital to locate cargo, not shippers, in the centre of the spot”.

For more information, please watch the session here.