Planning international rail capacity

ESC would like to share with you the information kindly provided by our partners in the rail transport mode, the RailNetEuope and Forum Train Europe, about the Redesign of International Timetabling Process (TTR). “Incomplete harmonisation of timetabling procedures between European countries makes it difficult to cooperate at international level.

To remedy this unsatisfactory situation, both RailNetEurope – RNE and Forum Train Europe – FTE agreed that changes to these procedures are needed. These two organisations are united in their goal to improve the timetable planning process. Thus, FTE and RNE launched the TTR project. They are being supported by the European Rail Freight Association – ERFA.” Please see here the complete text: Redesign of the international Timetabling Process (TTR). The new way of planning international rail capacity. Authors: Philipp Koiser, RNE; Peter Jäggy, FTE