Open letter to the European Commission on CO2 standards for heavy duty vehicles

Time to recognise the role of renewable fuels to decarbonise road transport

In the context of the upcoming legislation on CO2 standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles, ESC together with NGVA Europe and 10 other road sector users have signed and sent a letter to the European Commission bringing attention to the role that renewable fuels should play in transport.

The letter illustrates our main argument on this file: given the heterogeneity of the sector and the variety of aspects to be taken into account, no single technological solution or alternative low-carbon fuel will be sufficient, alone, to decarbonise the sector while safeguarding its competitiveness.

In particular, the future legislation should duly recognize the life cycle CO2 emission reductions delivered by each technology, and should not increasingly limit vehicle options to those that are labelled “zero tailpipe emissions”. Such a concept does not fully reflect the decarbonization potential of different fuel and technology combinations that have already been demonstrated to be effective in commercial operation. Such combinations most notably include renewable low-carbon fuels such as biomethane, which can even have a negative carbon footprint, depending on the feedstocks and the technology used for its production.

For the open letter, please see here