Mobility package debated at ECG event

Brussels, 20 March 2018, ESC attended the annual Dinner Debate organised by the Association of European Vehicles Logistics (ECG) and hosted by Wim van de Camp, Member of the European Parliament. During the event, entitled “Our Multimodal industry and the Mobility Package – what do we need?” the participants discussed the EU road transport initiatives. 

Main points of the discussion were the social dimension in road transport and as a consequence a need for safe parking for trucks throughout Europe. Safe parking in Europe might be an alternative for drivers to return to home or to rest in a hotel.  Essential for ESC is to find solutions for investment in a complete network of safe parking. Outside logistical hubs where there is a business case for safe parking, a link with the proposal for road charging could be helpful to provide financial resources for the required investments. The present proposals do not respond to this challenge. Further discussion in the Council and the European Parliament could establish a solution.