France to tax foreign trucks

French Transport Minister Ms Elisabeth Borne plans to start a legislative process to tax foreign trucks. A definitive decision will be taken before the end of this year. Essential point will be that trucks in transit will have to contribute to the financing of the infrastructure network. The contribution could take the form of an additional tax on mineral oil (energy or excise tax), a vignette for heavy duty vehicles, or other tax measures for road hauliers.

The Minister highlighted that 90% of all the transit through France is not performed by French companies. The new initiative should not be seen as an attempt to revitalize the suspended French Ecotax.

Also, in February, a report on investment in infrastructure for the coming 20 years was issued. Depending on the level of ambition, these investments will contribute 48, 60, or 80 billion Euro. Road charge will also be discussed in the Mobility Package of the European Commission.

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