MEP and IRU share their experience of sleeping in the cabin

Member of the European Parliament Wim van de Camp, rapporteur on the driving and rest time file in the Mobility Package, and General Delegate of the International Road Transport Union (IRU) Matthias Maedge spent a night in truck cabins in a safe parking to have their first-hand experience.
They visited the parking facility together with Member of the European Parliament Ismail Ertug, rapporteur on access to occupation and to the road haulage market, the day before. MEP Ismail Ertug stressed the increasing problem of driver shortage and the need to ensure a suitable and safe working environment with an essential element of secure parking and facilities.

For the overnight stay, the experience showed that the comfort of the truck cabin together with good sanitary and catering facilities are the necessary conditions for drivers to do their jobs. MEP van de Camp highlighted that drivers should not be forced to take their rest outside of their trucks, but they should be provided with safe and secure parking facilities including the opportunity to shower and eat properly. Matthias Maedge underlined a need for a joint effort from the public and private sectors to develop such parking areas.

In the ESC’s view, it is important that drivers are provided with the necessary safe and secure parking facilities. If policy makers introduce any measures restricting weekly rests in the truck cabin, these measures should enter into force only after safe and secure parking facilities have been put in place.

Despite existing requirements to provide secure parking spaces every 100 km of motorways (Regulation 1315/2-13), there is currently a lack of parking facilities. Moreover, the existing parking facilities are often not equipped with or connected to accommodation options.