IRU: Additional Security Measures Calais Necessary

Since the intensity of the crisis around Calais increased, the construction on a four meter high wall began this month. However, according to the International Road Transport Union (IRU) such an action is insufficient. In its letter to Prime Minister Manuel Valls, IRU stresses the necessity for additional security measures around Calais.

According to IRU, an increase in police presence and secure access to the port are highly important. Additionally, transporters need to be informed of problem areas in time. As the situation has worsened during the last couple of months, swift action to solve this crisis is of the utmost importance.

As truck drivers are increasingly attacked and the situation hinders free movement, IRU calls upon the French government for action, including secure parking areas lighting on the motorway, quick access to the port and tunnel, increased police presence and improved detection methods.

ESC also supports measures to enhance the safety of drivers at Calais and stresses the need to guarantee free movement.