ICONET project: validating Physical Internet concepts in the Port of Antwerp

The strategic goal of the ICONET project is to establish a “cloud-based Physical Internet (PI) framework and platform”. This platforms builds upon leading-edge technologies in a pathway that integrates PI-driven capabilities. The progress in digital and physical interconnectivity is exploited through open and public Application Programming Interfaces.

The ICONET platform is being piloted in four industry-driven PI Living Labs, each focusing on a key PI Capability.

One of the Living Labs is Living Lab 1. LL1 aims to design, implement, and validate some of the ICONET PI concepts in the complex transport landscape of the area of the Port of Antwerp under the supervision of the Antwerp Port Authority.

This LL has focused on two ‘simplified’ scenarios: (1) the Intermodal Use Case focusing on freight block trains in intermodal transport and (2) the Single Wagon Load Case concentrating on the shift of goods into conventional freight wagons.

The project has only 3 months until completion and case studies will be produced to show the full activity and results.

For more information about Living Lab 1 and PI Networking, Routing, Shipping, and Encapsulation Layer Algorithms and Services, please see the ICONET newsletter (November 2020 issue).
For the other developments of the ICONET project, please see here.