ICONET project: improving performance of the supply chain

ICONET is a 30-month EU-funded project focusing on the implementation of the Physical Internet. The Smart PI Container is the cornerstone of the project. It is the brick that allows the realisation of the Internet of Things environment. Together with the other components, the Smart PI Container and the Smart PI Pallet allow complete visibility of the supply chain providing information relating to the goods at different levels for the PI users and the involved stakeholders. The concepts of Smart PI Container, Smart PI Pallets, Smart PI Packet, as well as PI mean and PI infrastructure provide a ubiquitous connected environment capable of tracking and monitoring the flow of goods along the supply chain, from the sender to the receiver.

While improving the performance of the supply chain and its related assets, the concepts of Smart PI Pallet and Smart PI Packet contribute to improved granularity in the goods tracking and monitoring; improved assets monitoring and management service; and implementation of circular economy services.

The ICONET project was launched in September 2018 with 16 partners coordinated by Inlecom and will finish in February 2021.

For more information, please see the ICONET newsletter.