FETEIA and TRANSPRIME alert about new harmful and unethical practices of shipping companies

Maersk announced that they will keep merchant transport under their control in Barcelona Port as from the 15th of January 2021 onwards. This practice is considered as a step towards creating a “choiceless environment” for customers and is against a fair practice towards all other maritime transport stakeholders.

The Spanish Shippers’ Council – TRANSPRIME and the Spanish Federation of Freight Forwarders – FETEIA are herewith expressing their concern about Maersk strategy. This “new activity” is being offered within the efficiency concept from Maersk. However, it is not the efficiency but the control of the whole transport flow that the company is aiming at while neglecting customers’ rights. This practice does not take place in any other port in Europe.

Spanish freight forwarders and shippers are urging Maersk to stop the implementation of this operation. TRANSPRIME and FETEIA will report this behaviour to the competent authorities in order to have this case investigated against possible infringement of the general fair play rules.

For more information, please see the Press Release (in Spanish).