CLECAT, EEA & ESC – EU-UK transport of goods needs to be assured

CLECAT, EEA & ESC, representing European shippers, freight forwarders and express carriers, call on France to continue applying the COVID-19 measures in support of air cargo, shipping and road freight transport operations, which have been vital for businesses and citizens across the EU over the past months. In times of emergency, freight transport has an essential role in providing citizens, health services and businesses with the goods and materials they need.

Whereas we appreciate the distress caused by a new strain of Covid-19 over the weekend, we urge France to withdraw the ban on freight transport and to continue to apply Commission guidelines on ‘Facilitating Air Cargo Operations during COVID-19 outbreak’ and on the ‘implementation of the Green Lanes under the Guidelines for border management measures’ with regards to transport operations between the UK and the EU. The continued application of the EU Green lanes has proven to be essential in preserving the smooth transport of goods at times of crisis. Their effectiveness is contingent upon the full implementation of the Commission’s guidelines.

We would also like to highlight the continued importance of the need for information sharing through the national contact points for transport and would urge you to ensure this as this have proved to be beneficial in facilitating the movement of goods to support the local and EU economy and avoid further disruptions in the supply chain.