ESC to participate at JOC Container Trade Europe conference

ESC will be speaking at the panel on IMO 2020 during the JOC Container Trade Europe conference in Hamburg on the 17th of September 2019.


Great uncertainty remains around the price of low-sulfur fuel, a crucial factor for shippers as it will have a direct bearing on the bunker adjustment factor (BAF) formulas and the surcharges they will have to pay. How will the price be determined? Will the price vary according to different types of low-sulfur fuel? What are the different fuel types within the low-sulfur segment? Should shippers prepare for a steep increase in their BAF surcharges? Should carriers hedge and lock in prices or take a chance on the floating market? Are carriers confident there will be no unexpected shortages? With the participation of leading industry experts in European container trade and logistics, this panel will analyze these questions.