Czech Republic to allow EMS vehicle combinations

Czech Republic has recently decided to allow the use of European Modular System vehicle combinations in its territory with the maximum length of 25.25 metres and weight of 48 tonnes.

The European Modular System (EMS) is a solution that allows combinations of existing loading units – also called modules – into longer and sometimes heavier vehicle combinations to be used on some parts of the road network.

Permission to operate on a route between specific points is issued for a maximum time period of 3 months and can be renewed on a regular basis. The majority of requests are granted when the route is driven on the highway network and distribution centres are no further than 10 km away from the highway exit. Additionally, the vehicle combination is not allowed to use railway crossings. 

Within the European Union, High Capacity Vehicles in the form of EMS combinations are already allowed in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, most German federal states, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.