ESC delegation and CEOs of rail infrastructure companies in Sopron

On 13 June 2017, the European Shippers Council was invited to address the CEOs of rail infrastructure managers during their annual meeting in Sopron, Hungary.  Jean-Christophe Hermand, the Chair of ESC Railway Transport Council, used this opportunity to outline expectations from cargo owners. He also opened a discussion with infrastructure managers on potential changes that could be agreed and supported by both sides, focusing on the following topics:

  •         Greater involvement & consultation of end users
  •         Measures to increase rail freight’s reliability & transparency – especially in terms of rail freight’s performance
  •         Proposed measures to increase cooperation across the board (IMs/IMs; IMs/RUs/end users)
  •         Possible way forward to increase the cost-competitiveness of rail freight.

ESC will follow up with both railway undertakings and infrastructure managers to make sure that this list of requirements gets translated into concrete actions.

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