Cooperation in Supply Chain: Intermodality and Innovation

The 8th Cluster for Logistics Conference: Cooperation in Intermodality and Innovation that took place on the 30th of May 2017 stressed again a need for cooperation in supply chain. Introducing innovative solutions and tackling disruptions or changes will lead to success when it is done together.

“The goal is to collaborate,” said ESC Secretary-General Nik Delmeire during his presentation at the Conference. “ESC’s objective is to improve the Supply Chain by promoting collaboration between different partners in the Supply Chain. Every stakeholder in a supply chain has a different view. To get an optimised Supply Chain for all involved, Shippers need to work together with other stakeholders on joint processes.”

Very much to the point was the speech of, the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable development, Mr François Bausch. He presented how Luxemburg facilitated logistics and urged the present actors to adapt their mindset to the challenges ahead. “I’m sure innovation will stay the lifeblood of Logistics to meet the needs of the client”, said Bausch.  Logistics actors have to prepare for disruptive trends, e-processes or additive manufacturing like 3D Printing, that could allow production to take place nearer to consumers and transform industrial sectors with potentially more than 10% transport volume going 3D digital. Mr Bausch restated that the government longer term view is to establish a Single window for Logistics, overhaul the customs IT systems to meet the new Union Customs code (UCC) and ratify the e-CMR protocol while participating in a BENELUX pilot allowing e-consignment note for international road transport. “The bigger picture forces us to recognizes e-logistics as a key sector for Luxembourg and push to make it digital, more sustainable and lower its environmental footprint, as transport is a sector where the total output of CO2 is increasing year on year”.

During the conference, an international panel of speakers shared their experience and best practices in intermodality and innovation. “Multimodality plays a central role in the development of common transport platforms and e-processes “, stressed one of the speakers. “New digital technologies will allow to reduce costs and increase reliability and safety, “ said the other. The difficulty to induce change in the process seemed to be the common hurdle for all, with cooperation staying a constant requirement for success.

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