ESC and Drewry

This year has seen a lot of changes in the maritime sector that have had a negative impact on shippers. ESC has been working with the maritime research and consulting organization Drewry to conduct a satisfaction survey in container transport.  Performance quality of carrier services and how it can be improved was one of the important questions. One part of our cooperation with Drewry is to distribute a couple of articles written by Drewry on common shipping topics. This time we would like to share with you a Drewry’s article Exporters, importers must manage risk of higher freight costs and fewer carrier options. It comments on the consequences of the consolidation among container shipping lines. “Drewry anticipates that the momentum of higher freight rates will remain as we move towards 2018 “ and that “…access to reliable shipper data on market rate levels and using advanced procurement tools with strong optimization capabilities are two ways that shippers can secure the best terms in challenging market conditions.”