EC survey on the use of euro

On behalf of the European Commission, ESC calls for companies to participate in stakeholder consultations organised by the European Commission about the use of the euro in companies’ transactions.

The main objective is to explore with stakeholders, how to increase the role of the euro in their respective areas. 

The European Commission attaches a high importance to this issue. The consultations include targeted public surveys in different sectors: transport (aircraft, maritime and rail sectors), food commodities, raw materials, the financial sector, and energy.

The deadline to respond to the consultations is the 22nd of March 2019.

To access the consultations, please click here.

If certain questions are not relevant to your company, the EC advises to leave them out.
In addition to the consultations, the Commission will also open discussions on the increased international role of the euro in different public fora.
The results of the survey will be used in the report of the Commission to be published by summer 2019. You may choose to have your responses treated anonymously, in which case no reference will be made to your company in any Commission publications regarding the results of this survey.