Decarbonizing Road Freight Transport: Zero Emissions Vehicles availability roadmap


Freight transport, logistics companies and shippers are developing and implementing their decarbonization roadmaps. Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Hydrogen Electric vehicles are key technologies in development, still requiring acceleration to de-risk first in-kind investments.
In this session we will address these problems:

Vehicles availability

As part of ALICE Efficient and Low Emissions Assets and Energy thematic group and ENTRANCE project, a market analysis has been performed gathering information from 60+ OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and identifying 120+ zero emission vehicles models in the market or hitting the market soon. Moreover, 40 vehicles OEMs have been contacted to gather further information on vehicles availability.

Linking offer and demand

In a very fragmented market in terms of demand and with current limitations in availability, ALICE considers that concrete activities to link offer and demand of first of a kind solutions are critical for adoption acceleration. On the other hand, the ENTRANCE project is supporting de-risking investments and practically accelerate innovation adoption. ENTRANCE is exploring opportunities of trucks purchase aggregation and is inviting carriers and logistics service providers to join forces in order to speed up adoption.

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