ALICE position on Fit for 55

ESC, as a member of the European Technology Platform ALICE, contributes to the ALICE activities in research, innovation, and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management innovation in Europe.

Recently, ALICE has outlined its position on FIT for 55 where is addresses five main pillars:
• Achieving the transition for assets, energy sources, infrastructures, vehicles, and vessels is possible by 2040-2050 but short term success for 2030 ambitions is needed;
• A holistic and integrated innovation approach is needed for the transition acceleration, addressing the vehicles, the energy, the infrastructure and operations;
• Affordable alternatives to fossil fuel are required and market adoption accelerated by using taxation revenues for market incentives;
• Rail and inland waterways need to truly become part of the solution;
• Carbon measurement and reporting is key.

ALICE supports the European Union ambition of reducing 55% emissions by 2030 and reaching climate neutrality by 2050. Although all initiatives envisioned in the ‘Fit for 55’ climate package are relevant and necessary to achieve long term objectives, they are not sufficient to deliver the 2030 ambition in an affordable way.

For the ALICE position paper on Fit for 55, please see here.