What stakehoders think: the need for technology openness to achieve CO2 emissions reduction from vehicles

Various Stakeholders addressed Members of the European Parliament and Member States’ representatives with an open letter stressing the need for technology openness to achieve CO2 emissions reduction from vehicles.

« With the ‘Fit for 55’ package, the European Commission has put forward key proposals to put the EU on a trajectory towards climate neutrality in 2050. We strongly support the overall political ambition and look forward to the challenge of the transition, which is undoubtedly underway, specifically in mobility. However, to achieve the objectives and not lose support in the long run, we emphasise the importance of a technology-mix that embraces all relevant solutions to reduce CO2 emissions without ignoring the varied realities of consumer and industry needs. We are concerned that the Commission’s proposals do not achieve such a balance. Looking at the changes which are currently debated in the Council and the European Parliament, even more work is required to achieve this.

Representing the mobility, engineering, and energy sectors, the signatories of this letter are keen on contributing to efficient and effective solutions, which work for the climate, consumers, the competitiveness of our industries and the EU’s strategic autonomy.

We would like to stress the need for a technology open regulation on CO2 emission standards from vehicles. Where clean electric mobility is the solution that meets consumers’ demands, it will succeed. Where it is not (yet) feasible, there should be choice. EU employment remains stable with a technology open regulation while also providing affordable and low-cost solutions for vulnerable households and businesses. To reduce carbon emissions, the electricity and fuels used to power vehicles need to be renewable. Hence, the focus should be put on decarbonising the electricity and fuels supply, not on banning or promoting one technology over others. »

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