Webinar “Maritime Supply Chain Challenges in Disrupted Times”, 26 April 2022

Shippers are cordially invited to participate in “Maritime Supply Chain Challenges in Disrupted Times” webinar that will take place on the 26th of April 2022,  11.00-12.15 CET.

The webinar is organised by the European Logistics Platform and is hosted by Caroline Nagtegaal, MEP, Member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament.

During the last couple of years, global supply chains were put under stress with many challenges remaining until today: COVID-19 and measures related to the pandemic, such as lockdowns and border closures, have disrupted value chains and demonstrated the lack of resilience in global maritime supply chains. Shipping costs have skyrocketed, schedule reliability has dropped, and key transport nodes have become congested. Manufacturers suffer from delays in their production processes and importers and exporters face difficulties in securing cargo space on vessels and getting access to freight transport options. The current lockdowns in China further underline the remaining relevance of these issues.

The ELP webinar will provide a forum to bring together industry stakeholders who have experienced the impact of disruptions and policymakers to discuss potential relief measures that benefit all actors in the value chain. The panel will further discuss the role of the European Commission and national governments in enhancing resilience and competition in global freight transport while promoting innovation and the green transition.

For the agenda and registration, please see here.