Wakeo helps transforming Global Logistics with Enhanced Visibility and Reliability

In recent years, the global shipping industry has confronted a series of disruptive challenges that have exposed vulnerabilities in supply chain management. Events ranging from geopolitical conflicts in the Red Sea to catastrophic incidents like the Baltimore Bridge collapse have underscored the fragility of planned logistics networks.

These disruptions were covered by the European Shippers’ Council in webinars and, coupled with issues such as climate-related incidents at major transit points like the Panama Canal, fluctuating demand, and logistical constraints like truck driver shortages, have compounded the difficulties faced by shippers worldwide.

Central to these challenges is the critical issue of real-time visibility and reliability within supply chains. The complex nature of international logistics involves numerous stakeholders, each operating distinct IT systems, leading to fragmented data silos. This lack of seamless information sharing across the supply chain impedes effective monitoring and management of shipments. Outdated legacy systems further exacerbate these problems, introducing errors and delays that disrupt the flow of goods.

The consequence for shippers and European Shippers’ Council members is a persistent uncertainty regarding the location and status of their shipments, undermining operational efficiency and decision-making. In response to these challenges, services like Wakeo exist, emerging with solutions designed to enhance visibility and reliability in supply chain operations. Wakeo’s technology provides real-time tracking of containers, offering shippers precise ETAs and enabling proactive decision-making. Moreover, Wakeo’s Trusted Routes feature leverages performance data to evaluate and compare sea freight schedules, empowering shippers to select optimal routes and carriers.

By improving transparency and reliability, Wakeo helps shippers with the tools to transform reactive supply chains into proactive, data-driven systems. This capability not only enhances operational efficiency but also strengthens resilience against unforeseen disruptions. In a landscape marked by volatility and complexity, Wakeo’s solutions represent a crucial step towards achieving smoother, more predictable global logistics operations.