VNF invests in the maintenance and expansion of French inland waterways

The ‘Interregional Alliance for the Rhine-Alpine Corridor EGTC’ has published a news article about the maintenance and expansion of French inland waterways by VNF (Voies navigables de France). It states that VNF pledges to invest 340 million Euros to maintain and expand the 6.700 km long French inland waterway network. A significant amount of the investment (22%) is co-financed by municipalities, the water authorities and the European Union. A significant portion of this money is allocated towards sluices and weirs, one example is Gambsheim with 38 million euros. Gambsheim is home to France’s largest inland sluices, each being 270 meter long and 24 meters wide. It is estimated that 17 million tons of cargo are transported through it yearly, at on average 60 daily passages. An example for the expansion being furthered is the Seine-Scheldt link, consisting of the 107 km long Canal Seine-Nord Europe (CSNE). This large-gauge river link is being constructed to connect France, the Netherlands and Belgium. This will allow for the passage of barges with a loading capacity of up to 4.400 tons. This presents the development of another promising European logistics axis.

More information in the Rhine-Alpine News and the original sources in German (here) and French (here).