Unlocking Urban Potential with 2nd DUT Call 2023

The highly anticipated DUT Call 2023 has been announced, and it shapes up as a major game-changer for cities looking to tackle their distinct urban challenges effectively. The call represents a proactive initiative under the European Partnership Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) that aspires to bolster a strong portfolio of research and innovation (R&I) projects. The core intent? To work in line with what cities need the most.

Embracing a diverse range of disciplines
The DUT Call 2023 harnesses an encouraging atmosphere for a variety of scientific disciplines. The doors are wide open for interdisciplinary approaches that promise to bring a well-rounded perspective to the addressed issues. This inclusive initiative is divided into three broad “Transition Pathways.” They include Positive Energy Districts, the 15-minute City, and Circular Urban Economies, each with its unique capacities and significance.

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