T&E publishes briefing about corporate cars problem

Transport & Environment’s (T&E) has published a briefing about what the EU can do about the corporate cars problem. Corporate fleets are Europe’s biggest car market. They account for 58% of new sales and – given their high mileage – are responsible for 74% of emissions of new cars. Electrifying corporate cars would rapidly accelerate electrification and transport emission savings in Europe. The latter is crucial given that the EU and Member States have recently increased the ambition of the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR), setting binding 2030 targets for road transport, heating, agriculture, small industrial installations and waste. 

The Commission has announced a ‘Greening corporate fleets initiative’ in its 2023 Work Programme which T&E believes can reverse the lack of electrification on this large EU automotive market. The briefing uses five different policy scenarios to estimate the impact EU actions would have. The analysis shows that setting binding zero-emission targets for fleets as part of the Greening corporate fleets initiative can indeed reverse the aforementioned trend while at the same deliver benefits for EU citizens, the automotive industry and the EU’s energy security goals.

The news post by T&E is published here.

The briefing can be downloaded from here.