Stakeholders to Comment on Electronic Documents for Freight

21st May 2017, the European Commission (EC) following the recommendations of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) published Inception Impact Assessment report on electronic transport documents for freight carriage and is asking stakeholders for their feedback.

 DTLF is an initiative taken by the European Commission (EC) to bring relevant stakeholders together. ESC being one of the leading members of this forum worked together with some 100 other representative parties to prepare recommendations on the use of electronic transport documents.

Being based on the DTLF contribution, the EC report provides a preliminary overview of the problem, possible policy measures and expected impacts. The document is open for feedback for 4 weeks as from the 21st of May 2017. All stakeholders can provide their comments. We encourage ESC members and all the relevant stakeholders to provide your feedback following the link:

After this period, the Commission will start its impact assessment process. The process will be concluded in spring 2018, with a series of open public and targeted stakeholder consultations conducted in between to get the stakeholders’ views on the different aspects covered by the impact assessment.