Smart Transport Manager Training

To upskill operational transport managers, Smart Freight Centre is organising the Smart Transport Manager Training (STMT). The content of the programme as well as the approach could be interesting for ESC members.

The STMT is aimed at carriers and freight forwarders and focuses on the five pillars of efficient truck fleet management: fuel management, drivers and staff skills, vehicles and maintenance, performance monitoring, and information technology. Each participant develops an action plan specific to the truck fleet he/she manages. An SFC specialist reviews and approves the Action Plan and prepares a supporting ‘road map’ to give feedback on the implementation of the Action Plan by the transport manager.

The STMT was developed by Smart Freight Centre in 2017. Roll-out has been done in Ireland, Australia, and China. Further roll-out is taking place in Uruguay and Brazil in October. A pilot for the roll-out in Europe will be set up at the end of this year (for the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK). Training in Benelux in the Dutch language will take place in January 2020.
The training has been launched as e-learning since September this year.

For more information, please see here