Competition statement

As participants to this meeting we must comply with a broad range of legal obligations dealing with competitive and anti-competitive activities, including but not limited to antitrust laws. Groups of individuals or companies may not act in concert to use their combined economic power or influence to limit or to harm competition.

As a consequence this meeting will not discuss or take action to develop:

  • pricing issues,
  • the division or allocation of markets of customers,
  • limitation of business with certain customers or suppliers for anti-competitive purposes;
  • sharing confidential or sensitive information about individuals or companies;
  • bidding information or on requests for proposals;
  • nor will it discuss or take action on remuneration of any intermediaries engaged in the sale of cargo.

The meeting also has no authority to discuss or reach agreement on the allocation of markets, the division of traffic and revenues, or capacity to be offered in any market. Delegates are cautioned that any discussion regarding such matters, or concerning any other competitively sensitive topics outside the scope of the agenda, either on the floor or off is strictly prohibited.

ESC as an organization is committed to taking the necessary steps to avoid any violation of antitrust law.