Survey: Alliances in Maritime

ESC in cooperation with Drewry are conducting a survey to see what a real impact of the Alliances is on shippers, and whether the quality of the Alliances’ services corresponds with the promised level.

Shippers are welcome to respond and to disseminate this survey as broadly as possible to other shippers’ organisations:

Deadline to fill in the survey is 10 March 2017.

The results of the survey will be broadly published by the ESC and Drewry and will be used to track the service quality of the container carrier industry, to quantify differences in quality over time and between carriers, and to provide a ranking of all providers against important service and cost criteria.

The first part of the survey will take the participants about 10 minutes to complete. The second part of the survey, which is optional, takes another 10 minutes. Anonymity and confidentiality of answers is guaranteed, and no sensitive data will be disclosed to any third party or used for purposes other than those of conducting this survey.