Belgian Shippers’ Council organises a logistics hackathon

For the first time, shippers will organise a Logistics Hackathon and it will be led by OTM, the Belgian Shippers’ Council. OTM is a member of ESC which keeps innovation high on the agenda.

This logistics hackathon will focus on 5 challenges, one of which is War for Trucks – lots of transport capacity and efficiency remain unused due to losses during the journey. The participants will work on the solutions and those who deal with the challenges in the best way will be rewarded. Previously, the Belgian Shippers’ council awarded shippers and service providers who could convince a jury of having brought an innovative project to a good end. OTM is now replacing this concept with the logistics hackathon.

A hackathon tends to have a specific focus involving specialists from specific industries to work out a solution as a team. As a methodology, it gains more and more popularity. The Port of Antwerp is using it, the same is for IATA, and even the European Commission organised one during the TEN-T days in Ljubljana in April 2018.

ESC being part of various innovation initiatives is convinced that every kind of support you can give to make the logistics hackathon a success will be welcomed by the organisers.