Shippers are concerned about congestion at ports terminals

Container terminals are trying to handle the high container exchanges generated by mega-ship calls. There are several issues that shippers are concerned about at port terminals.

First, container flows to the major deep-sea ports are increasing, partly because of the reduction of calls by mega-ships. The highest concentration is in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Felixstowe, and Hamburg. This creates congestion issues. In the Port of Rotterdam and in the Port of Antwerp there are periodical sector meetings trying to tackle this issue and accommodate the growing stream of containers. It is not a specific terminal problem or a port problem, but a supply chain problem in which there is not enough coordination on the seamless transport of the container through the supply chain.

Secondly, having a fewer calls with bigger ships, the increased drop off at terminals is causing issues with the hinterland transport. Slowing the unloading of the ocean vessels could also hurt barge and short sea operation.

Thirdly, shippers are concerned about the ocean vessels sailing out of schedule and disturbing the planning of all the supply chain parties. When the issue is solved, the whole operation will become more predictable and assets can be employed accordingly.