Second joint workshop with railways

On 6 April 2017, ESC organised a second joint workshop between shippers and railways on the competitiveness and attractiveness of rail freight. Discussions focused on the issues of reliability, with a request from shippers for more transparency, better customer care and improved performance, and last mile infrastructure and operations, which represent a big part of the costs of rail transport for shippers using conventional rail services. The group also reviewed and completed the draft action plan which will be finalised ahead of the meeting with rail freight CEOs on 4 May.

The joint workshop was followed by a meeting of the ESC railway transport council, where other hot topics such as railway noise and bans on noisy wagons, as well as involvement of end users in rail freight corridors were discussed.

The next meeting of the ESC RTC will take place on 14 June in Brussels. For more information or if you wish to join the group, please contact ESC RTC Manager Pauline Bastidon – / 0032 478776674.